October 2nd & 3rd 2011

Mandi & Monarchs Royal Lady made it to the show while I attended Marks wedding celebration.  They did very well at the show winning 2nd in Arabian Trail Class, Stake Race & Partbred Mares Halter Class, 5th in Supreme 5 Halter Championship Class, 3rd in Western Pleasure Novice Horse, 5th in Western Pleasure Open, 2nd in Hunter Pleasure Novice Horse and 3rd in Hunter Pleasure Open.

Congratulations Mandi!!!

Mandi also won the Senior Queen Contest and will be representing our club for the next year.


“Okaloosa High Point Fun Show”


August 7,2011

Mandi and I took Monarchs Royal Lady and Monarch Rosa,  No one was with us to take pictures. Between us we won 16 Ribbons and had a great time. Monarchs Lady won the Part bred mares class and placed 3rd in the Supreme 5 halter class.

“Silver Spurs Saddle Club Fun Show”

Crawford County Fair, Denison, IA.

July 24th, 2011 Jo, Jessi, Mandi and I went into Denison for the fun show.  Jo took pictures and the girls and I rode. We had a really fun time and hope they can have more shows in the future.

“Drinkers of the Wind”


June 4th, 2011, Mandi and I loaded up Rosa and Lady and went to Fort Dodge where we were met by family and friends for a weekend of fun showing our horses.

Mandi and I ready for the costume class.

Monarchs Rosa

Monarchs Rosa placed 1st in Partbred Mares & Fillies, 3rd in Arabian Trail Class, 2nd in Arabian Native Costume, 2nd in Hunter Pleasure 18 & over, 5th in Hunter pleasure Open, 5th in Western Pleasure 18 & over, 2nd in Western pleasure Open, 4th in Basrrels, 2nd in Polebending 7 1st in the Stake Race.

Monarchs Royal Lady

Monarchs Royal Lady placed 2nd in Partbred Mares & Fillies, 4th in Supreme 5 Championship,  1st in Arabian Trail Class, 1st in Arabian Native Costume, 1st in Hunter Pleasure 18 & over, 2nd in Hunter Pleasure-Novice Horse, 3rd in Western Pleasure 18 & over, 3rd in Western Pleasure – Novice Horse, 3rd in Barrels, 3rd in Polebending & 2nd in the Stake Race.

Family & Friends

We were met at the show by Mandi’s Family, Stan and a close friend Fay. Mandi’s mother Jo and her sister Jessi helped us groom and get ready for our classes. Her father Dom kept us well supplied with food and he and Jessi took a lot of pictures.  Fay loaned us her costume for Lady and helped get her ready for the costume class.  A big thank you to them all for their help in making this show such a success for us.

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